What’s the Lowcountry Equivalent?

The Underground New York Public Libraryis a visual library, a.k.a. a blog and Facebook page by photographer Ourit Ben-Haim, that showcases the “Reader-Riders” of the NYC subways.  As Ben-Haim says:

Ourit Ben-Haïm

This library freely lends out a reminder that we’re all capable of traveling to great depths within ourselves and as a whole.


We Lowcountry dwellers don’t have a subway, or even a well-used bus system, but is there a local equivalent? A place where you find folks face-planted in books, traveling to great depths??  I hope so.

Be on the lookout. Take some snap shots and let me know. And for a vicarious sense of literary urbanism, subscribe to the Underground NY Library site or “Like” the FB page, and be inspired.

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One thought on “What’s the Lowcountry Equivalent?

  1. On occasion, I take the CARTA Express bus from MtP to work. It’s filled with MUSC, Roper, and CofC employees. It’s a relaxing ride where I get to view the river from a higher vantage point as we cross the Ravenel Bridge. There are many readers on board. I’ll try to take a pix this week.

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