Bend, Twist, Reach

The mat and the keyboard are one and the same. A safe space for practice, room for stretching. A place to explore, accept limitations, own up to tightness, envision gracefulness, maybe fall a few times. The work is the same too: breathe, be, concentrate, expect nothing, and everything. The practice of yoga is a dance of verbs: bend, bow, twist, reach, plant, extend, surrender. Posture or asana (ok, “chair”) might be the only noun. That and breath. Inhale; exhale — each both a noun and a verb. See what flexibility brings?

As I move into a new year, I wish to do exactly that. Move. To tap along the keyboard and slip into spaces in my imagination that have been cornered off. I want to stretch beyond the tightness that results from plodding through tasks while discounting dreams. It’s only fear and laziness that keeps me from the mat, and ditto for this crazy practice of writing.

It’s time to backbend back into it. And why not here, on this blog-o-mat? Omm, my friends. Here’s to falling.

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 1.31.38 PM