What’s here?

Celebrating Charleston’s Poetry, Prose and Wordy People

Tourists — check.

Gorgeous antebellum architecture? Check, check.

Dressed-up gardens, perky azaleas and world-class camelias?  Got ’em.

Fine dining, trendy dining, food trucks, decent pad thai, grits fer sure, sturdy local beer, more fro-yo shops than a small town needs. Check, check, check and check.

Art galleries. Yep. Art festivals — several. Film festivals, at least two.

Incredible writers and a hot, happening literary scene? Yes! YES! YES! (to quote Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally)

Charleston not only has a grand literary heritage as stately as her stately old manses (they had to do something out on those piazzas in the late 1700s), the Holy City has a load of current energy, talent and output on the literary scene. Plus, it’s a wonderfully inspiring place to write, read and indulge in language. As is this blog.

Check in often to discover literary news and reviews, inspiring quips and curious literary tidbits, including Holy City Haiku, Grave Words (tombstone poetry), Bookshelf Bios of notable Charlestonians and Q&A’s with your favorite Charleston authors.

So my literary friends, come read here… and write everywhere!


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